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Soft Skills

About Soft Skills

MASLOW is a leader in the field of providing training programs for the last decade. We pride ourselves on our ability to design and deliver high quality training programs, backed by strong support services and dynamic inter-support between business consulting and training division. We recognize that success in any training program means obtaining long-term results that will be reflected in improved performance, productivity & profitability. Maslow has developed its training strategies and resources to help its clients achieve their objectives in the best possible way. Every client is different and it is crucial to identify client’s needs before any design and development.


Leadership Development Programs

  1. Business Succession Planning
  2. Change Management
  3. Charting Company Direction: Corporate Planning and Strategic Management
  4. Communication for Leaders (NLP)
  5. Developing Business Acumen Skills
  6. Drive Altitude -through- Change and Transition Management
  7. Enhancing Managerial Performance
  8. Facilities Management
  9. Grown-up Leadership
  10. Knowledge Management & Knowledge Transfer
  11. Leadership Pipeline
  12. Leadership, Trust and Teambuilding Essentials
  13. People Management and Development
  14. Performance Management
  15. Performance Measurement: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  16. Practical Coaching for Managers
  17. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  18. Strategic Thinking
  19. Talent Management
  20. The Power of Creative Leadership
  21. Transformational Leadership
  22. 360® Leadership

Managerial and Executive Development Programs

  1. Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage
  2. Coaching and Mentoring Skills
  3. Effective Negotiation Skills Using NLP
  4. Effective Time Management
  5. Emotional Intelligence at Work
  6. Enhancing Your Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  7. Essential Management Skills
  8. Executive Development Program
  9. Managerial Development Program
  10. Risk Management


Supervisory Development Programs

  1. Effective Supervisory Management Skills
  2. (Supervising for Excellence)
  3. Effective Delegation for Supervisors
  4. Motivating Executives for Higher Productivity
  5. Improving Teamwork among Supervisors and Team
  6. Seven Leadership Skills of Highly Effective Supervisors
  7. Supervisory Time Management

Communication and Human Relations Training Programs

  1. Ho-Ren-So (Mastering the secrets of organization communication system)
  2. Effective Technical Report and Proposal Writing Skills
  3. The Law of Attraction
  4. Business Communication
  5. Business Etiquette: Gaining the Extra Edge
  6. Business Report Writing
  7. Dare to Speak
  8. Effective Business Writing
  9. Effective Communication Skills at the Workplace
  10. Handling Difficult Customers
  11. Interpersonal Skills and Positive Working Attitude
  12. Managing Conventional Records and Files Effectively
  13. Public Speaking & Presentation Skill (Steve Jobs Model)
  14. Sound Right, Speak Right!
  15. Successful Business Presentations
  16. Telephone Techniques & Courtesies
  17. The Minutes Taker


Customer-ServiceCustomer Service Programs

  1. Customer Care Program for Front Line Staff
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  3. Customer Service Excellence
  4. Hospitality
  5. Impressive Customer Service Skills

Neuro-02Neuro Linguistics Programming

  1. Introduction to NLP
  2. NLP for Managers
  3. NLP for Sales Team
  4. NLP for Purchasing Team
  5. NLP for HR team (Interviewing Techniques)
  6. NLP for Safety Team (Incident Investigation)

Event-ManagmentEvent Management Programs

  1. Family Day
  2. Inbound Activities (Mind Games, Managerial Games & Motivational Workshop, Adventure & Action Learning Approaches)
  3. Management Retreat
  4. Outbound Activities (Qi Gong Exercise, Telematch, Treasure Hunt, Jungle Tracking Flying Fox, Repelling, Kayaking Obstacle & Water Rafting)

Sales and Marketing Programs

  1. Cost Effective Marketing Techniques
  2. How to Draft a Marketing Plan
  3. Key Account Management
  4. Leading Your Sales Team for Success
  5. Negotiation to Win Sales
  6. Personal Selling Workshop
  7. Quantum Selling and Influencing Skills
  8. Sales and Marketing Eagle
  9. Sales Eagle
  10. Sales Management- Getting the Most from Sales Team
  11. Sales Motivation
  12. Selling in Tough Times
  13. Social Media Marketing for Corporate SMEs
  14. Social Media Marketing for Employee Engagement
  15. Target Achieving Business-to-Business Marketing Planning
  16. Tele-marketing Techniques
  17. The Art of Selling: Marketing & Sales Management
  18. The Dynamics of Distributor Management


LanguageLanguage Programs

  1. Bahasa Malaysia for Expatriates
  2. Basic English for Non-English Speaking Expatriates
  3. English Language for Business Communication
  4. Essential Easy English for Supervisors and Workers
  5. Japanese Course
  6. Mandarin Course
  7. Speak Right! – English Pronunciation Program
  8. The English Express I – Basic English Program
  9. The English Express II – Intermediate English Program
  10. The English Express III – Advanced English Program

FinancialFinancial Management Programs

  1. Business Acumen
  2. Finance for Non-Finance Executives
  3. Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  4. Financial Management for Decision Makers
  5. How to Prepare and Maintain Full Set of Accounts
  6. Internal Cost Control
  7. International Business Management
  8. Interpretation of Financial Statements for Non-Finance Managers
  9. Management Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
  10. Principles of Deferred Taxation
  11. Skill Enhancement of Accounting Staff

Human Resource Development and Industrial Relations Programs

  1. Domestic Enquiry Procedures
  2. Effective Disciplinary Management – Grievance Handling, Misconduct and Domestic Inquiry
  3. Effective Interviewing Skills
  4. Effective Performance Appraisal towards Excellence
  5. Employment Act 1955
  6. Local Labor Legislation
  7. Managing Absenteeism at the Workplace
  8. Managing Dismissal Due to Sexual Harassment
  9. Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection
  10. Personnel Management
  11. Practical Aspects of Human Resource Management
  12. Sexual Harassment at Workplace
  13. The Legal and Practical Aspects of Drafting Employment Contracts,
  14. HR Letters and Documents
  15. Understanding Application of Labor Law
  16. Updates on Court Decisions Affecting Employment & Industrial Law Issues

Managing Training and Trainer Programs

  1. Conducting Training Need Analysis (TNA)
  2. Evaluating Training Effectiveness
  3. How to Be an Effective In-House Trainer
  4. How to Become a More Effective and Creative Trainer
  5. Instructional Design and Development
  6. Instructional Tools and Techniques
  7. Train the Trainer (TTT)
  8. Training Effectiveness Evaluation
  9. Visual Instructional Design


Team Building Programs

  1. Team & Teamwork
  2. Team Dynamic
  3. Team Work Enhancement
  4. U in A Team
  5. Flow
  6. Corporate Wellness


Administrative Skill-based Upgrading Programs

  1. Attitude & Behavioral Change
  2. Business Etiquette
  3. Changing Role & Responsibility of Support Staff
  4. Developing Line Leader Skills
  5. Effective Coaching & Counseling Techniques
  6. Effective Human Interactive Skills
  7. Effective Managerial Skills for Technical Supervisors
  8. Effective Managers & Supervisors of the 21st Century
  9. Effective Reports – Excellent Business
  10. Effective Shop Floor Communication – Ensuring Better Efficiency
  11. Employee Motivation for Higher Performance
  12. Excellent Work Culture
  13. Making Impact Presentations
  14. AdministrativeManaging Difficult Employees
  15. Managing Dynamic Workplace Secretary
  16. Motivated Employees Dynamic Achievers
  17. Non-Executive Development Program
  18. Personal Empowerment & Motivation
  19. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  20. Record Keeping & Filling Techniques
  21. The Next Step Program
  22. 5S at Workplace
  23. 8 Habits of Highly Effective People

Technical Skills

It Management and Multimedia Programs

  1. Adobe and Multimedia (Adobe CS5 /Adobe CS4
  2. It-ManagmentAutodesk
  3. Analyzing Financial Data with Microsoft Excel
  4. AUTOCAD 2010 (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced)
  5. Agile Architecture – Principles and Tools
  6. Automating and Managing Your Business Processes
  7. BPM/ jBPM
  8. Basic Linux, Red Hat
  9. Cisco (CCNA / CCNP)
  10. C & C ++ Programs, Java, PERL, Visual Basic
  11. Comptia (CompTIA A+ / CompTIA Network+ / CompTIA Security+ /CompTIA Server+/..)
  12. Computer & Application in Today Business
  13. Data Warehouse Design
  14. Data Management with PivotTable
  15. Empowering Self-Enabling Web Presence
  16. Hibernate
  17. Integrating Open Source into Your Business
  18. Microsoft (Development Tools / Servers /Operating System / Database /..)
  19. Microsoft (Development Tools / Servers / Operating System /Database Office Application)
  20. It-Managment-02Microsoft Excel Macro/VBA (Advanced)
  21. Microsoft Office (Basic / Elementary / Advance)
  22. Microsoft Power Point Presentation for Managers & Trainers
  23. Microsoft Project (Basic/Intermediate)
  24. MIS for Executives & Managers
  25. Netbeans Swing Development
  26. Netbeans Swing Development
  27. OSGI
  28. Open Source Technology (PHP Programming / MySQL / Apache / Linux)
  29. Oracle (Database / Development Tools / Administration)
  30. Reporting Solution
  31. Spring
  32. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  33. Web Development (CSS, PHP, etc)
  34. 3ds Max

Import and Export Management Programs

  1. Customs Procedures and Documentations
  2. INCOTERMS (International Commission Terms)
  3. INCOTERMS, Import and Export Fundamental Principles
  4. Introduction to Trade & Document practices
  5. Letters of Credit (LC)
  6. Understanding Import & Export Procedures
  7. Understanding International Trade Finance Facilities


Operation Management and Logistics Programs

  1. Cost Reduction Program
  2. Costing in Logistics Management
  3. Cycle Time Reduction for Higher Profits and Productivity
  4. Defensive Driving Skill
  5. Effective Negotiation Skills for Purchaser
  6. Effective Purchasing Management
  7. Effective Store & Warehouse Management
  8. Inventory & Stores Management
  9. J.I.T for Manufacturing
  10. Logistics Management in Manufacturing
  11. Malaysian Customs & Excise Procedures & Documentation
  12. Material Planning & Control
  13. Production Planning and Control
  14. Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Skills
  15. Purchasing Management
  16. OperationShipping Container Operations – Errors, Omission, Penalties and Recovery
  17. Shipping Insurance and Claims Management
  18. Shop Floor Management
  19. Supply Chain Management
  20. Understanding The supply Chain Management
  21. Vendor Management – Best Practices
  22. Warehouse Management in the 21st Century

Product and Quality Systems Management Programs

  1. A Transformation of People Skills & Potential – OJT
  2. Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  3. Bengkel Kualiti: 7 Alat QC dan Pelaksanaan QCC
  4. Bengkel Produktiviti: Pelaksanaan 5S
  5. Calibration System
  6. Conducting Effective Management Review Meetings
  7. Cost of Quality
  8. Documenting for ISO 9000/ QS 9000
  9. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  10. Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (Measurement System Analysis)
  11. ISO/TS 16949 QMS – Quality Management System for Automotive Industries
  12. Internal Quality Audit
  13. Introduction to Quality System Requirements QS 9000
  14. Introduction to Six Sigma
  15. ISO 14000 Identifying & Understanding Environmental Effects
  16. ISO 9001 – QMS – Quality Management System Documentation
  17. ISO 9001:2008 Pre Compliance Audit
  18. ISO/TS 16949 QMS – Quality Management System for Automotive Industries
  19. Kaizen Kanban
  20. Lean Manufacturing for Optimum Production
  21. Lean Office
  22. Operator Skill Improvement
  23. Personal Development in Quality assurance
  24. Practical Training Q.C Tools & Techniques
  25. Preparing for External Quality Audits 2nd & 3rd Party Audits
  26. Problem Solving Using The Seven QC Tools
  27. Project Management
  28. Process Control: Measurement and Calibration
  29. Productivity Workshop: 5S Implementation
  30. Quality Workshop: 7 QC Tools and QCC Implementation
  31. SPC Fundamentals
  32. System Management Through Document Control
  33. Teknik Kawalan Kualiti Untuk QC
  34. Teknik-Teknik Peningkatan Produktiviti
  35. The Magical 5S Implementation
  36. Total Productive Maintenance
  37. Total Quality Management
  38. Toyota Production System
  39. TQM appreciation and application in business Operation
  40. Understanding ISO 9001: 2008 Series
  41. Understanding the Concepts of Quality Assurance Systems
  42. Value Stream Mapping
  43. VDA 6.3 – Process Audit
  44. Wastage Reduction & Productivity Improvement
  45. 8 D – Root Cause Analysis


Engineering and Maintenance Programs

  1. Achieve Zero Defects Through Poka Yoke
  2. Automation Elements and Machine Design
  3. Basic Electricity and Troubleshoot Faulty ElectricalCircuit
  4. Basic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  5. Earthing, Lightning and Surge Protection System
  6. Electrical Safety Awareness
  7. Energy Efficiency and Cost Saving Strategies
  8. Equipment Efficiency Through Maintenance Management
  9. Factory Automation
  10. Industrial Robotics
  11. Penyelenggaraan Asas Untuk Juruteknik
  12. Penyelenggaraan Berjadual Terancang dan Ramalan
  13. Project Management for Engineers and Technical Professionals
  14. Robust Product and Process Design
  15. Root Cause Failure Analysis for Maintenance
  16. The Operation and Maintenance of Low Voltage Main Switchboard
  17. Technical Troubleshooting and Decision Making for Maintenance
  18. The Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Pipeline Systems
  19. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  20. Understanding and Implementing the Autonomous Implementation in TPM and 5S
  21. Understanding Electrical Power Supply in Manufacturing Industries


Industrial Safety and Environmental Management Programs

  1. Accident Prevention at Workplace
  2. Chemical Hazard Risk Assessment (CHRA)
  3. Chemical Safety Course
  4. Electrical Safety Course
  5. Emergency Preparedness & Response Training
  6. Environmental Health & Safety
  7. Environmental Quality Act 1974 & Its Regulations
  8. ERT (Emergency Response Team)
  9. Essential Occupational Health & Safety Practices
  10. Hazard Communication Course
  11. Hazardous & Toxic Waste Management
  12. How to Develop an Effective Safety and Health Committee
  13. Industrial Chemical – Handling, Storage & Disposal Method
  14. Industrial Safety
  15. Mengendali Bahan Kimia Dengan Selamat
  16. Noise and Hearing Conservation
  17. Occupational First Aid Skills and CPR
  18. Occupational Safety & Health Aids
  19. Occupational Safety and Health Audit
  20. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  21. Physical Hazards
  22. Safe Forklift Driving Skills
  23. Safety & Accidents
  24. Safety and Health at the Workplace
  25. Safety Awareness
  26. Safety Committee Orientation Course
  27. Safety Crisis Management
  28. Workplace Ergonomics


Industry Based Training Programs

FoodHygiene and Food Safety

  1. Documentation Control – Making It Work
  2. Food Handling for Plant Operatives
  3. Food Handling for Warehouse & Distribution Staff
  4. Food Safety Assurance – Hygiene for Supervisors
  5. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  6. HACCP – A Food Safety Plan
  7. HACCP & HALAL : A Total & Safety Requirement
  8. Hygiene & Cleaning in Meat Plants
  9. Microbiology in Food Processing
  10. New Product Development
  11. Product Recall
  12. Quality Assurance for Small & Medium Food Plan
  13. Specialized Cleaning for Hospitals


  1. Effective Negotiation Skills for Claims Settlement
  2. Sales & Marketing Eagle for Insurance Agents

Oil Oil and Gas Industry

  1. Basic Rigging & Slinging, Banksman
  2. Lift Planner
  3. Crane Operator and Forklift Course
  4. Radiation Safety Awareness Course
  5. Radiation Protection Officer Course
  6. Course on Non-Destructive Testing
  7. Course on Working Safety at Height
  8. Chemical Hazard Risk Analysis (CHRA)
  9. SOLAS
  10. LSA

Education (Lecturer Development Series)

  1. Education-02Formulation of Test Questions
  2. Outcome Based Education
  3. Curriculum and syllabus design
  4. Effective Teaching
  5. Assessment of Students
  6. Educational Psychology
  7. Learning Styles and Preferences
  8. Classroom Management

Professional Certificate Programs


  1. Basic Principles of Muamalat
  2. Cash Financing Facilities
  3. Comparison Islamic Banking vs. Conventional Banking
  4. Components of Shariah
  5. Concept of Gharar Riba
  6. Islamic Mortgage Financing
  7. Prohibitions in Islamic Contracts
  8. Sales & Marketing Eagle for Branch Managers
  9. Shariah Terminologies, Types of Contracts
  10. Trade Finance Facilities


  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Retail
  2. Retail Customer Service (Basic / Advance)
  3. Retail Executive Development Program
  4. The Power of Excellent Negotiator (NLP)
  5. World Class Purchasing Skills

Professional Certificate and Diploma Programs

  1. Diploma in Executive Hotel Management
  2. Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  3. Diploma in Supervisory Development Program
  4. Professional Certificate in Business Process Management
  5. Professional Certificate in Clerical Development
  6. Professional Certificate in Hotel Management
  7. Professional Certificate in Lean Manufacturing Management
  8. Professional Certificate in Real estate and Property Management
  9. Professional Certificate in Supervisory / Executive Management
  10. Professional Certificate in Project Management


Training Division Track Record in the last decade


“Paying attention to simple little things that most men neglect makes a few men rich.” – Henry Ford


 Monin Asia
Monin Asia

Investing in Maslow was the right decision with high ROI. Their integrated solution and proper consultations worked in our best interest providing good benefits for our investment in Malaysia.

 Tune Talk
Tune Talk

Adopting the best HR practices (BHP) delivered by Maslow has been one of the critical success factors in enhancing our productivity by eliminating the glitches and human errors. Maslow has been of incredible support to Tune Talk; their detailed attention to our needs and receptive attitude has received high appreciation in our book records.


Maslow's ability to Localize International Business Concepts to meet our needs is very impressive. Their tailored succession planning & career development solution has proven to be of international standards and delivered and exceptional result.

 Bank Rakyat
Bank Rakyat

Our decision to use Maslow proved beneficial. Maslow's solution for our Human Resource development has contributed to a successful growth and improvement of our business operations. Thank to Maslow Team.


Maslow's patented product 'HORENSO' has delivered an exceptional result in developing a culture of enhanced communication and instilling TRUST, TRANSPARENCY & TEAMWORK throughout the organization. Maslow as a strategic business partner has been of great strategic and tactical value in enhancing our daily operations.


With Maslow, I have a very strong and reliable professional team to support ENKEI. The consultants proved to be knowledgeable in all aspects of business operation, and flexible to my business needs. The highly customized solutions, frequent updates and proper consultations have been unique and very beneficial. Their clients will most certainly benefit from their immense experience in dealing with matters relating to Human Capital.

 The Star
The Star

We have been incorporating with Maslow Trainers and Consultants for a number of projects. We were very pleased with the services provided and found they were extremely knowledgeable. They worked efficiently and preempted a couple of potential problems and managed them well. They helped get our business up and running all the while for the past few years.


Maslow Trainers and Consultants demonstrated a good understanding of our needs and developed effective solutions to expand our business within Asia. I want to thank Maslow for your efficient services and excellent communication; it has been a successful and very smooth process. Thank you for the quick turnaround and excellent service you provided.


We were after an efficient and professional service-oriented training and consultancy firm to work with and engaged Maslow Trainers and Consultants to firstly, improve our company business operation and secondly, develop our most vital asset, Human Capital. Thanks to Maslow Trainers and Consultants for all your hard work, follow-up, and excellent communication over the past few years.


Maslow's highly customized solutions, combined with their profound knowledge and understanding of Organizational Development, have delivered exceptional results and have rendered Maslow as indispensable value adding partner to our organization.