Engagement Central™ is a powerful single platform that provides valuable insights into the factors preventing employees from performing at their best. By identifying these barriers to performance, it provides effective countermeasures to engage employees and tackle performance issues at the root cause. Organisations can benefit by creating more positive environment that leads to quantifiable improvements.

8 Elements - Model

Maslow identifies the key challenges in employee engagement and depicts how to TRANSFORM PEOPLE TO ENGAGED TALENTS in your organisation by deploying real world examples of success, and the new toolsets through an INNOVATIVE PLATFORM. This solution has a Successful Track Record in Engaging Employees through focus on a defined set of 8 organisational elements that contribute to and impact directly the engagement level of an employee:

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Holistic Solution


Engagement Central™ is an INNOVATIVE & INCLUSIVE platform providing “DIAGNOSIS & PRESCRIPTION” to “UNLEASH THE POTENTIAL & BRIDGE PERFORMANCE GAP”. The main focus on employee engagement is based on probing the key 8 elements of your organisation to measure the impact each one of them has on the engagement level of an employee.

Maslow’s team provides need-based support & consultation in:

•  Communication

•  Participation

•  Report Delivery

•  Post-Survey  Consultation

Engagement Central™ is an ongoing Employee Engagement solution designed and developed by analysing thousands of anonymous employee responses. It is a Holistic Solution to view your organisation from multiple perspectives and address needs of various stakeholders in the organisation.

Why Engagement Central?

Engagement Central™ Benefits

•  Find out how employees view the effectiveness of their organisation and work environment

•  Improve employee retention and happiness

•  Align HR initiatives to improve employee effectiveness across your organisation

•  Enhance organisational productivity and health

•  Unleash the potential of your employees

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More Reasons Why

The Engagement Central™ does more than just measuring engagement level. It can help you:

•  Identify barriers to individual performance

•  Understand how the 8 key drivers impact your identified barriers to individual performance

•  Provide solution to improve employee effectiveness across the organization

•  Help leaders understand how to improve employee effectiveness in their teams

•  Highlight areas to focus your resources for the best ROI

Web Portal

Explore the Engagement Central™ online portal now:

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Investing in Maslow was the right decision with high ROI. Their integrated solution and proper consultations worked in our best interest providing good benefits for our investment in Malaysia.

Adopting the best HR practices (BHP) delivered by Maslow has been one of the critical success factors in enhancing our productivity by eliminating the glitches and human errors. Maslow has been of incredible support to Tune Talk; their detailed attention to our needs and receptive attitude has received high appreciation in our book records.

Maslow's ability to Localize International Business Concepts to meet our needs is very impressive. Their tailored succession planning & career development solution has proven to be of international standards and delivered and exceptional result.

Our decision to use Maslow proved beneficial. Maslow's solution for our Human Resource development has contributed to a successful growth and improvement of our business operations. Thank to Maslow Team.

Maslow's patented product 'HORENSO' has delivered an exceptional result in developing a culture of enhanced communication and instilling TRUST, TRANSPARENCY & TEAMWORK throughout the organization. Maslow as a strategic business partner has been of great strategic and tactical value in enhancing our daily operations.

With Maslow, I have a very strong and reliable professional team to support ENKEI. The consultants proved to be knowledgeable in all aspects of business operation, and flexible to my business needs. The highly customized solutions, frequent updates and proper consultations have been unique and very beneficial. Their clients will most certainly benefit from their immense experience in dealing with matters relating to Human Capital.

We have been incorporating with Maslow Trainers and Consultants for a number of projects. We were very pleased with the services provided and found they were extremely knowledgeable. They worked efficiently and preempted a couple of potential problems and managed them well. They helped get our business up and running all the while for the past few years.

Maslow Trainers and Consultants demonstrated a good understanding of our needs and developed effective solutions to expand our business within Asia. I want to thank Maslow for your efficient services and excellent communication; it has been a successful and very smooth process. Thank you for the quick turnaround and excellent service you provided.

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Maslow's highly customized solutions, combined with their profound knowledge and understanding of Organizational Development, have delivered exceptional results and have rendered Maslow as indispensable value adding partner to our organization.