Dato’ SH. Yahya Bin SH. Mohamed

Dato’ Sh. Yahya bin Sh. Mohamed’s last position before retirement was as the Director General (DG) of Labour under Human Resource Ministry. During his 39 years of service, he has serve 10 years with Social Security Organization  (SOCSO) and 29 years with Labour Department. During that period of service, he had serve in Johor, Negeri Sembilan before was transferred to Headquarters Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia. He has been placed in various Divisions at the Headquarters of the Labour Department as Director until his appointment as Deputy Director General of Labour Peninsular Malaysia in 2007.

During his tenure as the Industrial Relations Officer, Dato’ Sh. Yahya bin Sh. Mohamed represented the Ministry of Human Resources and the country at the meeting/international conferences, especially the International Labour Conference in Geneva, the Labour Ministers’ Meeting of ASEAN and International conferences and seminars for Labour and present papers at the International level in Japan, Korea, Mongolian,  Philippines, Thailand and other countries. He is also one of the representative from the Ministry of Human Resources in Independent Consulting Agreement and Free Trade Agreement between Malaysia and the United States.

He was also heavily involved in the amendment to Labour Laws, Children And Young Person Acts, Private Employment Agency Acts and the latest National Minimum Wage. He is also  one of  the member of Malaysia National Labour Advisory Council. One of his achievements is place more than few hundred thousand local unemployment to get jobs in private sectors in the country every year and contributed to stability and harmony of industrial relations through the concept of tripartite cooperation.

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