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Mastering the System in Selling during tough times like a PRO.
(Sales Eagle Mastery Series)

  • 6 Cs: Mastering the system behind becoming a Rockstar Sales Pro.
  • Psychology behind Selling and Buying behaviours, Lessons from Sale’s Gurus.
  • Law of 5 in Sales – Prospecting, Probing, Presenting, Blocking Objections & Closing, Following through & Building Network – Everything you need to know to Master the System in Sales Mastery.
  • System in keeping your Momentum in tough times through finding your Drivers.
  • Routines and Hacks of high achievers, Designing WIG, Guilt Techniques, Health and Energy Mastery, BTBVOU, 3As and many globally accepted Western and Asian Best Practices.

Competencies covered:
  1. Sales Eagle
  2. Marketing
  3. Negotiation Skills
  4. Selling in Tough Times